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Does Your Sewing Thread Break? See Your Solutions

Sewing is fun. Sewing is creative. Sewing is actually pretty easy when all goes well, but when threads keep breaking; it can get frustrating.

Even technicians struggle with breaking threads sometimes. It does not seem to matter how much experience a person has. Sometimes threads break.

You can encounter thread breakage on cheap and on expensive machines. When the situation is right, threads break. The make, model, design, and purpose do not seem to matter. It seems that anyone who sews eventually faces thread that break.

How do you stop threads from breaking? What causes the problem?


There are two basic situations where threads will keep breaking: excessive stretch and pinching.


When you sew along and the threads snag on something or get caught, the threads pull apart. Tension issues, burrs, and other snags cause threads to break.


Threads may be pinched or even cut by rough spots, burrs, or other sharp parts of the sewing machine. Needles often develop burrs which can easily clip the thread cutting it. Sharp edges on the carrier, hook, guides, or anywhere can cut the thread.


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